4th Edition Middle East Women Leaders Summit & Awards 2024


Chief HR Futurist


Kate Barker is a globally recognised Chief HR Leader, Future of Work expert, and an awarded authority in talent management, leadership development, and people/technology advancements. As an international advisor, Kate’s career spans three decades, working to advance Fortune 500 companies and Governments to have confidence in their future, to stay competitive and minimise risk.
By applying leading strategies from her ‘Future of Work’ insights, leadership for the 21st century, human-centric organizational cultures and innovative digital workforce transformation, Kate has earned successful partnerships with C-Suite executives, international royalty and government leaders in furthering some of the most significant industry trends that impact the future of work.
She has garnered respect as Futurist for the $500B Future-City, NEOM in Saudi Arabia, or as leading global Consulting Partner at PWC (Asia) and Ernst & Young (USA). As an accomplished company director, Kate has led real-world results with clients for Microsoft, Virgin, Deloitte and Google, Senior Advisor to EY & McKinsey & Company
Kate has been a regular feature on Future of Work, a keynote speaker and publishes on topics on Digital Technology disruption, Innovative talent Strategies, Inclusive Cultures and Workforce Transformations at HR Summits & Executive Roundtable globally.
Kate was invited to attend Harvard’s Women in Leadership Program and recently commenced her PhD in Women in Leadership at UCL. Fusing post graduate studies in psychology, leadership, and business with an intuitive understanding of people, Kate is both a dynamic engaging speaker and insightful expert advisor.
As a proud champion for diversity and inclusion, Kate is Board Director for 100% Project, a non-profit organisation devoted to shifting organisational practices to fully realise the leadership potential of all women and men. A seven-time marathoner, Kate loves to cook, dance and sing… despite her complete lack of talent at all three.