4th Edition Middle East Women Leaders Summit & Awards 2024

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4th Edition

Middle East Women Leaders

Summit & Awards 2024


22 - 23 OCTOBER 2024

Aspire | Inspire | Lead





24 - 25 OCTOBER 2023





Event Overview

Historically, women have always played a prominent role in society and been decision-makers. Contrarily, the roles of women in the workforce have been negligent. As per the global statistics, only 6% of women are working in leadership positions and this number further dipped during the pandemic. We are proud to present the 4th Edition Middle East Women Leaders Summit & Awards 2024. With this summit, we want to progress to another dimension of conversation that moves beyond women’s empowerment. We strongly believe that women have evolved from a paradigm of discussion to a spectrum that challenges the conventional norm of how women are perceived in the workplace. This summit creates an ecosystem for everyone to thrive together. We bring together great women achievers who will share their struggles, journey, stories, and successes with other aspiring women. Our last edition was a testimony of this celebration where we had women leaders from various sectors discussing this new evolution. This platform celebrates the paradigm shift of new-age leadership while paving the way for the next generation of women leaders. Let’s come together to recon this force and encourage women to continue breaking barriers.




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Why Should you attend?

A stellar line-up of speakers, thought-leaders, and disruptors who will share their personal experiences and success stories.

Gaining insights into the difficulties and challenges that women encounter.

Exposure to an amazing and unique community of 250+ selected senior-level attendees from across the continents and a diverse range of sectors

Dedicated networking opportunities to build and expand business relationships beyond the day among women committed to each other’s success.

Attracting participants who are all empowering leaders in their own right- whether they are a speaker, organizer, or attendee

The Forum facilitates the exchange of knowledge, recommendations, and best practices through plenaries and interactive workshops.


    From the MD's Desk

    Sabah Parvez

    We are back with the 4th Edition Women Leaders Summit MENA 2024!! Personally, this is one of my most cherished summits of the year and one that I am personally invested in. Women’s strength has been a reckoning force throughout my life. I was privileged to be around strong women, right from the comfort of my home to the challenges at the workplace, I had the opportunity to work with leaders who recognized the power within me. This was also one of the major driving factors to start Verve Management. Here at Verve we have always believed in gender diversity and are proud of our workforce. With this summit, we want to take the opportunity to celebrate our strength and support other women to make this world a more beautiful place. Seeing women leaders in various sectors only makes me aspirational about the next chapter in this wonderful series. I welcome you all to embark with us on this two-day enthralling summit that will help every aspiring woman to catapult her career to the next chapter. And finally “ Lets Aspire to Lead the way”

      Producer's Note

      Fathima Naiza

      It gives me great pleasure to announce the 4th Edition Middle East Women Leaders Summit & Awards 2024. Women supporting women has always been empowering. We live in exciting times where our opportunities are boundless and not even the sky is our limit, we have other universes to explore. We live in times where we are empowered by conversation and inclusion. Conversations about the caliber and not the gender of the person accomplishing the task. Conversations around Inclusion, being a part of the workforce, and the development of a nation. The last edition was a roaring success with women leaders not just sharing their narratives but mentoring other women to climb the ladder. Each day we see policies being developed to not only strengthen our presence in the workforce but also reinforce practically everything that we aim to achieve. With this second edition, we look at celebrating this breed of woman leaders and support each other to only accelerate higher. With that, we welcome you all to the 2nd Annual Women Leaders Summit MENA 2023, an ecosystem for everyone to flourish together.

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